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How It Works?

First of all, take 5 seconds to answer this question,

How many ads have you seen today and how many have you paid attention to?

Do you realize why you need to stand out from the competition?

The use of 3D technology is increasingly common when promoting a product.
In all sectors, real estate, food and wine or any type of service, we try to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.
With so much competition, it is not so important WHAT is shown, but HOW is shown.
That’s why allowing a customer to visit your places and products
by a computer, smartphone or virtual reality device is certainly what can make the difference.

Now, what is our 3D scanning service using Matterport technology?

The service offered by 3D-ScanIt is to use a 3D camera to progressively scan the entire surface.
In this way, it is possible to generate hundreds of individual shots and points, which are then processed for a smooth, 360-degree enveloping visualization.
an immersive experience within the scanned environment.
This way, anyone can take a virtual tour through a computer, smartphone or virtual glasses and experience that they are there.

Scan a space with Matterport 3d

Scan a space with Matterport 3D

3D ScanIt's work is carried out in 4 phases:

1. Contact and quotation

As soon as we receive your request according to your requirements, we will prepare a quotation with all the necessary data for the completion of the work. You can choose one of the 3 ways to contact us: by phone or whatsapp at the phone number +39 3338137342, by email [email protected] or by means of the personalized budget.

2. Performing the 3D Scanning

Once the budget has been agreed, the final details are defined and an appointment is made for the execution of the 3D scanning work.

3. Processing and optimization

The third phase consists of the processing, elaboration and optimization of the 3D scanning, and for the obtaining of the requested final product.

4. Delivery of work to the client

The delivery times of the final product are estimated between 24 and 48 hours after scanning and depend on the amount of additional services requested in the quotation.

What is included in our 3D scanning service?

The elements that are delivered are detailed in the budget and usually include:

Link with Matterport domain
What elements do you receive with our service – Link Matterport

With the possibility of easily sharing it on social networks

3D Dollhouse
What elements do you receive with our service – Matterport Doll House

Three-dimensional view of the structure of space

3D Walkthrough
What elements do you receive with our service – Walkthrough with matterport 3D

Walk through the property as if you were there

Experience in Virtual Reality
What elements do you receive with our service – Matterport 3D – Experience in Virtual Reality

Compatible with Oculus Go, Daydream, Cardboard, Gear VR

Google Street View Integration
What elements do you receive with our service – Matterport3D Integration Google Street View

Allow them to browse your space on google maps

360° photographs (*)
What elements do you receive with our service – 360 ° photographs

For diffusion in social networks

Plans of the property (*)
What elements do you receive with our service – Matterport 3d – Plans

Plans ready to print

The options marked with the symbol (*) have an additional cost and can be requested when the estimate is made.

Let your clients explore your space in immersive mode with a virtual tour.