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Google Business View – Position yourself and Stand Out on Google Maps

Google Business View the option for Google Street View Merchants

Most people have heard of Google Street View, Google’s technology that allows people to walk the streets anywhere in the world as if they were there.

What not many people don’t know is that google has a business option that improves the experience of potential customers.

What is Google Business View?

Google Business View, is a Google service that uses the Street View concept but to offer a virtual tour of the interior of a business, restaurant, museum, factory, institution and others, where the potential customer can have a first experience from any device through Google Maps.

The possibility of an interactive experience generates a greater willingness to know the company and greatly helps the person to become a customer.

For people who value the positioning of their website, the Google Business View application is one more tool in the google family that will generate a bonus in SEO.

What does Google Street View consist of?

Google Business View consists of the integration of a business premises to Google Maps by means of the union of multiple spherical photographs, in 360 degrees, that allows to cross the place in an interactive and physical way.

Example of 360° Photo Integration with Google Business View

Click on the directional arrows in the image to enter the store and scroll through it

Who is it aimed at?

The service can help anyone who owns a business or provides a service
and you want to improve your online exposure
and get people to know it.

Businesses that depend directly on your facilities

In these businesses their facilities are the most important, which must be welcoming, modern and of interest to the people who attend them:

Hoteles, hostels and B&B

Religious Heritage

Cultural heritage

Nursery schools


Spa & Beauty Salons

Businesses that offer a service

That does not depend directly on their facilities but that they must have a clean, modern and well-kept facility to attract the public like:


Physical therapists

Restaurants & Bars

Coffee shops


Hairdressers & Barbershops

Businesses that sell products

This type of business will differentiate them from the competition, improve their visibility on the Internet and the image of their business:

Clothing stores

Car dealerships


Furniture or decoration stores

Wine Merchants

Gourmet product shops

Allow your clients to explore your space in immersive mode with a virtual tour.