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What is the service time?

Usually you can scan between 60 and 80 m2 per hour, depending of the characteristics of the property.

For a standard house of 120 square meters it takes between 1:30 and 2 hours of scanning.

Is it possible to do scans abroad?

Yes, it’s possible, but you have to consider the light schedules when the sun is rising or falling.

Can you scan on any property?

Yes, you can scan any type of property, from houses, apartments and hotels, boats and planes, museums and art galleries, bars and restaurants, shops and businesses, open spaces or historical interest.

The scanning process is very flexible and allows to show a tour without interruptions,
if one space is separated from another
for example the canteen 20 meters from the house,
you must scan the path between the two to be able to link them,
the m2 of that section must be added to the m2 of the project.

Can I scan 2 properties distant in the same project?

To be able to scan 2 properties in the same project, a path between them must be scanned,
consider that this road should be integrated as a project surface,
how to be, if the distance between properties is 20 meters,
you must perform between 10 and 20 more scans,
so the equivalent to 20 square meters must be added to the project.

2 properties picture with a scan path

Can I scan 2 properties distant in the same project?

What is the scan?

The scan is the result of the union of multiple photographs in 360 degrees,
the photographs are linked to each other making a continuous and consistent image,
which can be traversed and explored in detail.

Is it possible to map the property?

Yes, during the scanning they are plotted and relating the surfaces with a very small margin of error,
allowing to obtain the individual and joint plans of the whole property.

This option has an extra cost and can be requested at the time of requesting the quote.

This is an example of a plan

What elements do you receive with our service - Matterport 3d - Plans

What is Google Businness view?

Google Businness View is an equivalent to Google Street View,
but aimed at improving business exposure
and getting potential customers to have a first contact with the company through a virtual tour.

Our service allows you to integrate scans or 360 photos in the Google Businness View,
allowing when a person does a google maps search to reach the store and take a tour of it.

How does Google Businness View help my business?

A direct example of how Google Businness View can help your business would be the time when a person searches for a business location close to their location to make a purchase, go out to eat, find a spa, etc.